ZenTek Fuel Testing Laboratories

ZenTek Labs is a Fuel Only Laboratory designed to meet whatever your need are. We do everything from testing for water & Microbes, to research & even converting to Boidesel. We partner with the top Laboratories in the world to perform whatever test you may need. 

Field Testing Kits

ZenTek Labs has partners with FOI Laboratories to introduce their new Fuel Field Testing Kit. This test can be done out in the field with all types of fuel. This kit can be used for the detection of suspended and separated free water in diesel, biodiesel, biodiesel blends, off-road fuel, jet fuel and kerosene. It can also be used for the detection of Microbial Growth in, Biodiesel, Diesel, Fuel Blends, Jet Fuel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene.

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